Another lazarus Gray Volume 8 Review

black_terror_01_smallOver on, Ray has posted a review of the eighth volume of Lazarus Gray. This one gets 5 stars and reads like this:

Another sizzling edition of Lazarus Gray and Assistance Unlimited! Once again, Barry Reese shows why he is at the top of the New Pulp scene. He has crafted a wonderful world with Lazarus Gray and his band of heroes. Now into the eighth volume, Reese is cruising through one adventure after another with his spectacular cast of characters. And this time around, he brings back a prior villain (Nemesis), introduces a new villain who is sure to return (Bushido), and brings in a new open source hero (Golden Amazon). All the while, the action does not stop, whether Lazarus et al are battling a monster in the snowy woods, baby-snatching Shamblers in underground tunnels, or aliens in downtown Sovereign. Assistance Unlimited also suffers inner turmoil, with one member being impregnated by magic, and another member leaving the group over philosophical differences with Lazarus. This is another great read from a great author. Read this book and get ready for the next few volumes, which are coming soon!

Thanks, Ray! Most of the next few books will be novel-length tales but I do enjoy the occasional volumes (like this one) which feature a series of shorter works. As you’ve no doubt seen by now, you were right in that it didn’t take long for Bushido to return, as she’s featured in volume nine, which is out now!

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