Lazarus Gray Volume 8 Gets Two Reviews!

lg7_04_smallThe eighth volume of Lazarus Gray has received two reviews on Let’s see what they had to say:

F.P. Casey gave the book 5 stars out of 5 and titled his review 5.0 out of 5 stars Sovereign City’s favorite pulp hero returns!

The Santa Slaying

While on vacation in an isolated lodge outside of Sovereign City, Lazarus & Kelly encounter a gruesome murder. The couple soon find themselves in battle against a killer who plans on feasting on those trapped inside the lodge. Will Assistance Unlimited arrive in time to stop their demise?

As Above So Below

The Black Terror is on the hunt for a mob boss called The Widow Maker. A familiar nemesis from Gray’s past is bent on revenge and resurects a murderous team of evil doers to destroy the members of Assistance Unlimited.

The Girl that Dreamed

The third story finds our heroes trying to find shelter from a storm. They stumble apon an secluded home with a ghastly secret locked in the basement. Will Assistance Unlimited be able to survive until sunrise?

It Wants To Kill You.

An ancient creature living in the bowels of the earth rises to hunt those living in a quiet village. Can Assistance Unlimited stop the beast or will internal conflict destroy the team first?

The Speaker From The Stars

A Kirbyesque being begins a destructive rampage thru Sovereign City under the control of Hitler’s Occult Forces Project. Will Assistance Unlimited be able to stop the monster? Can they trust their new super powered ally?

Once again Barry Reese writes a compelling pulp yarn with heroic characters that feel like old friends. The pace is quick with little time to catch your breath between each story. I’ve read the entire Lazarus Gray series and Reese has knocked another one out of the park!

My only real complaint is the absence of spot illustrations throughout the book. For whatever reason the editors of Pro Se are no longer employing interior artists (e.g, George Sellas who did another remarkable job on the cover!) in the Lazarus Gray series. It’s unfortunate as the combination of compelling storytelling and visual artwork brought a nostalgic feel to this pulp series. Hopefully they will allow for interior art in future volumes.

Thanks for the review! I agree that it’s a shame that we no longer have the interior art. Pro Se has decided to move away from interior art and they’ve also moved towards more ‘realistic’ art on most of their titles. To be honest, the Reese Unlimited books held out as long as they did because I was paying for the art myself. I’m no longer able to afford those added expenses and since that doesn’t fit into the current Pro Se model, we’ve had to say goodbye to the interior art.

Our second review is from user ChickJ. He gave the book 4 out of 5 stars and his review had the following title: 4.0 out of 5 stars Setting up storylines for the future

If you like the previous 7 you will want to read this one, too. It has been too long since I visited Barry Reese’s world. I’m happy to be back. This time it seems more about the villains , like Nemesis and Bushido – And more storylines into the future. ( I just discovered Lazarus #9 is coming out. I can’t wait till it is in the kindle mode.)

Thanks! I might have spent a little more time on the villains than usual in volume 8… to be honest, I hadn’t really thought about it until I saw your review. I definitely wanted to continue to build up Nemesis as an arch-enemy for Lazarus… I’d felt that since the death of Walther Lunt, we’d gone through many villains and only Princess Femi came close to that “arch-enemy” category so I wanted to see if I could build up Nemesis into that role.

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