Bloodshot (Icons Writeup)

Bloodshot (original Valiant version)
aka Angelo Mortalli aka Michael Lazarus

Prowess 6Bloodshot Comic Art
Coordination 6
Strength 6
Intellect 4
Awareness 5
Willpower 6

Stamina 12

*Resistance 5 (poisons, disease, aging)
*Interface 8
*Regeneration 5
*Swords 4
*Guns 4
*Gadgets 3

Athletics (+1 bonus), Drive (+1 bonus), Investigation (+1 bonus), Leadership (+1 bonus), Linguistics (Expert +2 bonus), Martial Arts (Expert +2 bonus), Stealth (+1 bonus), Weapons (Master +3 bonus), Wrestling (Expert +2 bonus)

Who am I?
Genuine Badass
On a mission of redemption


A cold and ruthless Mafia hitman who seemed less than human, Angelo Mortalli’s rise within the Mob ended when Gino Canelli discovered he had been unfaithful to his daughter. Framed for the brutal slaying of Johnny Scotto, a rival mobster, and convicted of first–degree murder, Mortalli cuts a deal with the FBI to give evidence against the Mob to stay out of prison, but when Canelli gets wind of this, he snatches Mortalli from witness protection and bundles him off as a “volunteer” for Project Rising Spirit.

One of the few subjects to survive the Bloodshot Procedure, Mortalli has his mind wiped of all memories and is systematically programmed with information about strategy, tactics, and warfare. However, before the full programming is completed, Geoff McHenry (the Geomancer) breaks into the facility and releases Angelo, who kills his captors and escapes. Confused, lost, and suffering from amnesia, Angelo seeks clues to his origin.

Mortalli’s body is injected with microscopic technology called nanites, leaving blood-red circle scarring on his chest. The nanites rebuild his brain and body, making Angelo superhuman but erasing his memory in the process. When Angelo uses his superhuman abilities or his nanites detect combat situations, his skin becomes paler, often turning chalk-white, and his eyes turn red.

Escaping from the lab, Mortalli takes the name “Bloodshot” and determines to learn who he was and how he was altered. While fighting and killing many members of the New York mob, Mortalli joins forces with the “Eternal Warrior” called Gilad. They had been enemies before but Abrams does not hold a grudge because he believes Mortalli metaphorically “died” the night Bloodshot was born. Mortalli is later disillusioned after learning about his past actions as a hitman. Having no desire to remain in New York or return to his old life, Bloodshot goes to Europe and uses his powers to fight corruption. With the help of Abrams, he creates a new cover identity for himself, “Michael Lazarus,” and operates as Bloodshot when he deems it necessary. He battles a variety of villains and criminals, some of who are “psiots” or “harbingers” (people born with superhuman powers), such as including Ax, a psiot obsessed with attaining advanced technology such as Bloodshot’s nanites or the alien armor of X-O Manowar.

Readers learn that in the future, the heroic line of Rai warriors adopt a similar appearance to Bloodshot to remember his heroism in the 20th century. The last Rai warrior even inherits Mortalli’s nanites.

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