It’s the Nature of Things

hands.jpgSo I sent off the thirteenth volume of the Lazarus Gray series to Pro Se head honcho Tommy Hancock today. It’s an exciting story with mummies, crazed sanitarium workers, a dangerous chemical weapon, a guy who has a pumpkin for a head and a whole lot more. Hopefully folks will enjoy it and will get a kick out of the additions to the team, the return of an old favorite, and the debut of a public domain superhero to the universe.

That last bit – the tease about the public domain hero – might lead into a future project. I’d kind of like to write about this character in a slightly different way… a long time ago, I wrote comic-book based fanfiction. I’d post chapters of the stories (labeled as “issues”) and it would be an ongoing work. I’m thinking about doing something similar with this character – maybe even just posting the “issues” for free here on the blog. After enough had been posted, I could accumulate enough for a “trade” and release a print version for folks that wanted to keep them in that fashion. One thing that I’ve gotten kind of burned out on is the long publishing lead that we have… keep in mind that the most recent Lazarus novel was volume 7 and that was nearly four years ago. Since then I’ve written six more volumes! So by posting the serial here on the blog, I’d be able to receive immediate feedback, which would be a nice change of pace.

I’m also thinking about taking my Skip Timeline characters and doing something with them.

For a few days, though, I’m taking a break. I’ve written pretty non-stop for years, taking only a day or two between projects. I’ve earned a vacation!

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