Sgt. Janus (Icons Writeup)

Sgt. Roman Janussgtjanus
aka The Spirit-Breaker
Copyright Jim Beard

Prowess 5
Coordination 5
Strength 4
Intellect 4
Awareness 5
Willpower 6

Stamina 10

*Gadgets 6 (Typical examples: religious symbols, holy water, enchanted weapons)

Athletics (+1 bonus), Investigation (Expert +2 bonus), Mental Resistance (Expert +2 bonus), Military (Expert +2 bonus), Occult (Master +3 bonus), Sleight of Hand (+1 bonus), Weapons – Military Issue (Expert +2 bonus)

The Mysteries of Janus House
Military Bearing
A Hunter of Ghosts


Situated in the rural back country of Edwardian England is an old, mysterious house whose unique owner earns his living as a Spirit-Breaker, a hunter of ghosts. A former military veteran, Sgt.Roman Janus has devoted his life to aid those haunted, both emotionally and physically by obsessive wraiths whose spirits are still anchored to our world. Part detective, part occultist, Janus is himself a man of mystery whose own past is shrouded and the motivations behind his calling kept hidden.

Note that every Sgt. Janus adventure uses a different narrator (his clients are required to write up reports about their cases) so everything we see of Janus is filtered through their viewpoints.

Created by author Jim Beard, Sgt. Janus can fill that “Dr. Thirteen” type role in your campaigns – the mysterious, capable ghost hunter that is called upon for a special case or who inserts himself into the proceedings without any request from your heroes.

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