Updates Aplenty

lg11_lazarus_graveyard_smallWork has been continuing on the thirteenth volume in the Lazarus Gray series – the novel sits at just over 42,000 words at present. It brings back some old friends and introduces several new characters into the mix, as well. I think folks will like it — I’ve been assured that volume 8 will see print sometime in August and that there is a plan to get volumes 9-12 out on a timely schedule.

I’ve been catching up on the Black Lightning show – I’ve really been enjoying it. It and Stargirl are the best of the DC television shows right now in my opinion.

The Icons writeups have been coming in large numbers, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I might slow down on that front soon — it’s fun to stat up characters but it also takes up a good bit of time. We’ll see.

What did you guys think about the Skip Timeline characters I introduced recently? Any interest in seeing something done with them? I kicked around the idea of inviting writers to do short stories with them under my guidance but I’m not sure there would be any desire on anyone’s part to do that.

Our image today is by our old friend George Sellas.

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