Captain Hammer (Icons Writeup)

Captain HammerCaptain-Hammer

Prowess 4
Coordination 5
Strength 7
Intellect 3
Awareness 2
Willpower 3

Stamina 10

*Fast Attack 4
*Leaping 2
*Damage Resistance 4
Note: Captain Hammer has made references to owning a “Hammerjet” and a “Hammercycle” but there’s no proof that the Hammerjet is real and rumors abound that the Hammercycle is actually an electric scooter.

Athletics (Expert +2 bonus), Investigation (+1 bonus), Martial Arts (+1 bonus), Performance – Singing (+1 bonus)

“I’m a hero. But if you have eyeballs, you know that already.”
“It’s curtains for you, Dr. Horrible… lacy, gently wafting curtains.”
Loves making Dr. Horrible’s life miserable.


Captain Hammer is a super-strong bully erroneously hailed as a super-hero.

He’s one of the main characters in the Doctor Horrible Sing-Along Blog, a web-series released in 2008 by Joss Whedon, his brothers and Maurissa Tancharoen. It was rather popular back then.

Captain Hammer is a classic glory hound and bully. Little is known about the Captain before his heroic career, including how he got his powers. The way the Captain likes to brag, he might say he sprang fully formed from his parents like a perfect Greek god.

Captain Hammer first encountered Dr. Horrible when the latter tried to blow up the city’s parking meters with exploding coins. Just as he began to pummel the nefarious Dr. Horrible, the silhouette of Bad Horse (the leader of the Evil League of Evil) appeared on a building nearby.

Little did the Captain know when he broke off the beating to pursue the evil equine, that he had just had his first encounter with his future nemesis. He would go on to thwart a number of Horrible’s plots by applying a liberal amount violence.

While Captain Hammer wasn’t a great detective, he did discover that Dr. Horrible shared most of his plans on a video blog online. Watching the blog, Hammer monitored the Doctor’s plots and took great joy in arriving in the nick of time and showing off as he beat the Doctor.

Always on the lookout for attractive women to save, he noticed a cute redhead named Penny when he stopped Dr. Horrible’s Wonderflonium heist, saving her life in the process (at least from his point of view). Obviously, the Doctor had some sort of crush on Penny.

Captain Hammer began to date Penny, who turned out to be an activist trying to help the homeless. When they met, she had been collecting signatures on a petition to the city to prevent the demolition of a building and to use it to start the Caring Hands Homeless Shelter. Captain Hammer took her petition to the mayor and convinced him to do exactly that.

Meeting Penny at the laundry mat to share the news, he was introduced to her friend Billy.  Captain Hammer immediately recognized him as his nemesis in a secret identity! Captain Hammer taunted Horrible/Billy, telling him that he was going to sleep with Penny, especially since he knew Horrible wanted her. Unbeknownst to him, this gave Dr. Horrible the resolve to attempt to kill him.

“You’ve got a little crush, don’t you, Doc ? Well, that’s gonna make this hard to hear. See, later, I’m gonna take little Penny back to my place. Show her the command center, Hammercycle, maybe even the Hammerjet. You think she likes me now ? I’m gonna give Penny the night of her life… just because you want her. And I get what you want. See. Penny’s giving it up. She’s giving it up hard. Cause she’s with Captain Hammer. And these…” (holding up his fists) “… are not the hammer…” (pause) “The hammer is my penis.”

Captain Hammer was revered throughout the city for his role in opening the shelter. Thus, he was asked to be a guest speaker at its opening. During his speech, Hammer bragged about sleeping with Penny and how great he was for helping her open the shelter, causing her to leave the front unnoticed.

During the last moment of his speech/song, Dr. Horrible revealed himself and shot Captain Hammer with his Freeze Ray, immobilizing him.

Dr. Horrible proclaimed that he would kill Captain Hammer with his Death Ray and gave a litany about Captain Hammer’s deceptions, frightening the audience in the process. When the moment came for Dr. Horrible to finally kill Hammer, he hesitated, having a crisis of conscience.

Hammer broke free of the effects of the Freeze Ray and punched Dr. Horrible, sending him and his Death Ray flying. Captain Hammer retrieved the Death Ray and attempted to use it on Dr. Horrible, not realizing that it was damaged. The ray gun exploded, injuring Captain Hammer, and driving him to flee the scene in tears.

The explosion also launched a piece of shrapnel into Penny at the back of the room, killing her.

Defeated, Captain Hammer hasn’t been heard from again, except by his psychologist who appears to be treating him for severe depression and regret.

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