Amber (Icons Writeup)


Prowess 2
Coordination 4
Strength 2
Intellect 4
Awareness 3
Willpower 3

Stamina 5

*Magnetic Control 6 (Extras: Flight, Force Field, Blast, Telekinesis – Metal Only, Interface)
*Disease Resistance 5

Aerial Combat (+1 bonus), Athletics (+1 bonus)

Wanna be my friend?
Young and spunky
Lighten up! It’s not so bad!


The DNAgents are artificial life forms developed by a shadowy corporation called Matrix Corporation. They have been grown in a vat for five years, and their minds were programmed by Matrix. However, they are extremely close to being humans, and have their own free will and personality.

The DNAgents were designed to be a commando squad that could take care of Matrix’s dirty work, from espionage to paramilitary action.

At the very end of the series, the DNAgents were captured by Matrix and put back into the vats for future use. Matrix also convinced the public that everything to do with the DNAgents was just a big media hoax.

Amber is naïve about the world around her. She has an unusually trusting nature and tends to view things as if seen through rose-colored glasses.

She is very outgoing and likes meeting new people, making friends easily.

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