Surge (Icons Writeup)


Prowess 4
Coordination 4
Strength 4
Intellect 3
Awareness 3
Willpower 4

Stamina 8

*Electrical Control 7 (Extras: Blast, Dazzle, Absorption) (Limit: Without the regulator stored in his belt buckle, Surge gains the Uncontrollable Limit and his power attacks everything within range with a Burst rating of 4)
*Disease Resistance 5
*Goggles – Dazzle Resistance 3

Martial Arts (+1 bonus)

Hit first, ask questions second.
No retreat, no surrender.
I can handle it!


The DNAgents are artificial life forms developed by a shadowy corporation called Matrix Corporation. They have been grown in a vat for five years, and their minds were programmed by Matrix. However, they are extremely close to being humans, and have their own free will and personality.

The DNAgents were designed to be a commando squad that could take care of Matrix’s dirty work, from espionage to paramilitary action.

Surge was the first to make it off the drawing board. He was designed around the concept of a “living dynamo”.

Being the first design, Matrix scientists thought they would take a very simple premise and work from here. Seeing as how the organisms were grown in a highly energized environment, it should have been rather simple to develop a life form that could contain this energy and release it at a whim. Sort of like an electric eel.

After some study, it was discovered that the conscious effort to keep such immense amounts of energy in check would be overwhelming. Therefore, a regulator was designed to do that job for the life form.

Surge, as the first DNAgent concept came to be called, would be potentially very powerful, yet at the same time relatively inexpensive and easy to produce. This idea appealed to Matrix president Lucius Krell so much that he volunteered to become Surge’s genetic father. Following this was a brief ceremony where he passed out cigars.

At the very end of the series, the DNAgents were captured by Matrix and put back into the vats for future use. This came after Matrix convinced the public that everything to do with the DNAgents was just a big media hoax.

“Life is a series of confrontations” seems to be Surge’s personal philosophy. And he seeks to win them all with a fierce aggressiveness.

Surge functions on a highly emotional, occasionally child-like level. He often demonstrates supreme self-confidence and egotism. He tends not to worry too much about surrounding threats in combat once he starts blasting.

This self-confidence backfires on him the moment he fails at anything. When that happens, Surge begins to perceive himself as a total failure. In life, you are either a winner or a loser, by his way of thinking.

He often displays the attitude that everything in life is black or white, good or evil, right or wrong, with no in-betweens. Perhaps he keeps this outlook to avoid the frustrating realization that life just isn’t that simple, or that fair.

Among the DNAgents he has formed the strongest emotional tie to someone outside the group. He loves the replicant of Krell’s daughter, Angela. Since her death, he has built up their relationship in his mind into some great love affair that never really happened. It is something he agonizes over. That agony is what has driven him to attempt to murder the assassin, Luger.

In a fight, he will usually stick to his devastating electrical attacks. If this would make a fight unfair, he will engage an opponent in simple hand-to-hand combat. Also, when he loses his temper, he gains more satisfaction by physically hitting things.

Surge will never back down from a fight and, once in one, will never surrender.

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