Rainbow (Icons Writeup)


Prowess 3
Coordination 6
Strength 3
Intellect 5
Awareness 5
Willpower 7

Stamina 10

*Telepathy 8 (Extras: Illusion) (Limit – power drops to 1 if Rainbow doesn’t have her power regulator with her. Her regulator is hidden within her ever-present headband)
*Disease Resistance 5

Athletics (Expert +2 bonus), Leadership (+1 bonus), Psychiatry (+1 bonus)

Mother Hen to the DNAgents
Very comfortable with her body/nudity
Romantically Involved with Crossfire


The DNAgents are artificial life forms developed by a shadowy corporation called Matrix Corporation. They have been grown in a vat for five years, and their minds were programmed by Matrix. Yet, they are extremely close to being humans, and have their own free will and personality.

The DNAgents were designed to be a special squad that could take care of Matrix’s dirty work, from espionage to paramilitary action.

At the very end of the series, the DNAgents were captured by Matrix and put back into the vats for future use. Furthermore, Matrix convinced the public that everything to do with the DNAgents had just been a big hoax.

It has long been one of the Matrix Corporation ’s desires to have a super-spy under permanent employment with unswerving loyalty to the Corporation. So when the DNAgents Project got under way, they set out to build themselves one.

It was decided that this spy would be female, and she was genetically designed for exotic good looks. Using the, quote, “greater natural psychic potential of the female”, end quote, she was bred for telepathic ability.

For her, there would be no need to plant a listening device or remain within eyesight when following a suspect. By using her mind, she could pick up more about the world around her with her eyes closed than the most observant human being ever could with their eyes wide open. She would be irresistible at interrogation.

By focusing her abilities, she could probe the mind of another person and sort through their thoughts and memories like, quote, “a secretary would sort through a filing cabinet”, end quote. From her, no secret was secure.

Rainbow is undoubtedly the most mature member of the team. While unafraid of the outside world, she openly questions the practicality of jumping headlong into it. She is the leader of the team and, hence, everyone else’s big sister. This job is sometimes indistinguishable from baby sitting.

Rainbow has developed a strong romantic attachment to Crossfire. She stays in periodic mental contact with him.

Rainbow avoids physical confrontation whenever possible. Her first action in combat is normally to dodge and evade. She relies on her illusionary abilities to frighten off or confuse any attacker. Her main role in a battle is to telepathically take count of the enemy, learn their plan and strategy, and relay that information to the other DNAgents.

She also keeps track of where everyone else is. This prevents one of the other team members from being separated (especially Sham, who may not always be recognizable) and to avoid walking into an ambush.

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