The Agent (Icons Writeup)

The Agentthe_agent
aka Simon N. Kirby
Created by Rik Offenberger

Prowess 5
Coordination 5
Strength 5
Intellect 4
Awareness 6
Willpower 5

Stamina 10

Agent’s uniform provides the following abilities:
*Damage Resistance 5
*Absorption – Kinetic Impact Energy 6 (Extra: Blast) (Limit: Absorption is only possible if attacks strike Agent’s chest plate. Roll 1d6 and on rolls of 1-2, the attacker has hit the chest plate and energy is absorbed)

Athletics (Expert +2 bonus), Investigation (Expert +2 bonus), Law (+1 bonus), Leadership (Expert +2 bonus), Linguistics (+1 bonus, English/Spanish/Russian/German), Martial Arts (Expert +2 bonus), Military (Master +3 bonus), Weapons – Guns (+1 bonus), Wrestling (+1 bonus)

Plagued by the politics of his position
A Real American Hero
Dedicated to justice


NOTE: The Agent is part of Rik Offenberger’s G-Man line of comics and is copyrighted to him.

Kirby is a third generation F.B.I. Special Agent with 5 years of service to the bureau. He specialized in organized crime and has done some undercover work, infiltrating and arresting members of hate groups. Agent Kirby was on the fast track for promotion but his supervisor Michael Infantino was worried Kirby was after his job and had him assigned to head up the Ultra Agent Program. In 1963 Congress passed the Ultra Hero Registration program. With public concern over the emergence of Ultra Heroes and Villians, all Ultra Heroes were required to register with the F.B.I., reveal their secret identity and be deputized by the F.B.I. Anyone failing to register was listed as an Ultra Villian and subject to arrest. However, with a lack of funding for the program, the law remained unenforced. President Trump funded the program for the first time with his 2018 budget. Agent Kirby was assigned to head up the program which included suiting himself up as an ultra hero and actively registering ultra heroes as well as calling upon them as needed to police the ultra-villains, keep them in line and bring them in when they cross the line. Ultra Service is considered to be a high profile assignment and an honor by the bureau. However, among the agents, the assignment is considered a joke and with way too much attention for higher ups and no ability to advance. Kirby filed an official protest when assigned to the position and had a strong desire to continue in his prior role in the organized crime unit. Both Kirby and Infantino believe this will halt any advancement of Kirby’s career. Despite his disdain for his new role, he has been successful in keeping the ultra community of vigilantes from violating federal laws, protecting civilians and making sure that ultra-villains can be prosecuted for their crimes.


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