Dolphus (Icons Writeup)


Prowess 4
Coordination 3
Strength 6
Intellect 4
Awareness 3
Willpower 4

Stamina 10

*Aquatic 5 (Prowess, Coordination, and Awareness are 5 in water; Strength is 7)
*Emotion Control – Empathy 4 (Limit: Dolphus can only sense the emotions of other marine-life. Extra: He can broadcast those emotions to humans near him)
*Damage Resistance 4
*Transformation (Limit: This only allows Dolphus’ legs to become a tail when in water. On land, the tail reverts back to functional legs)

Underwater Combat (Expert +2 bonus)

Defender of sea creatures
Often mistaken for an unthinking monster


Originally an ordinary bottlenose dolphin living in Marineworld, an ocean themepark in California, Dolphus was subjected to cruel experiments by the scientists entrusted with his well-being. The scientists grafted human genes to his DNA, causing his forelimbs to transform into muscular webbed arms and his tail to change into functional legs. Finally, enraged by this treatment, Dolphus escaped from his tank and went on a miniature rampage through the park, the entire time making his way to the enclosure where his fellow dolphins were being used to entertain a crowd of tourists. Ignoring any humans who didn’t try and stop him, Dolphus dove into the water and began to destroy the gate keeping his family from the ocean. When one of the trainers attempted to stop him with a spear gun, one of the dolphins moved and intercepted the shot, sacrificing itself. Broken-hearted and enraged by this, Dolphus sent a telepathic signal out through the crowd, who began to reel as they experienced the dolphins’ fear and longing to be free. His message clear, Dolphus succeeded in freeing his kin and escaping to the open ocean. The Fly was on the receiving end of this telepathic signal, realizing that Dolphus was not the monster that he had first thought him to be.

Not long after, Dolphus headed to the Pacific Northwest, drawn by the pain of the animal victims of an oil spill that had recently occurred there. While there, Dolphus felt the pain of animals caused as local superhero, the Comet, attempted to destroy the spilled crude with his laser blasts, only to badly injure many innocent animals in the process. Enraged by this disregard for his fellows’ lives, Dolphus engaged the Comet in a battle that lasted for days, until the Fly intervened.

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