Arachnus (Icons Writeup)

aka Murray Serrintella

Prowess 3
Coordination 5
Strength 4
Intellect 7
Awareness 4
Willpower 5

Stamina 9

All of his powers are derived from the torso that he has built and to which he is attached. If removed from it, he has no special abilities.
*Binding – webbing 6
*Blast 5
*Extra Body Parts – Legs 6 (Can use power level for speed)
*Strike – Legs 6
*Fast Attack – Legs 6
*Gadgets 4
*Leaping 2
*Wall-Crawling 4
*Damage Resistance 4

Technology (Master +3 bonus)

Insanely rich
Doesn’t want to harm innocents and takes good care of his agents
Huge ego


Murray Serrintella was a very successful second-story man in the city of Crowns Pointe. So successful, in fact, that he was approached by the local crime boss, Willard “Mad-Dog” Duffo to join his organization. When Murray refused some of Duffo’s men crippled Murray. Using is mechanical knowledge he constructed a spider-like body to give him back his mobility. As Arachnus, he killed Duffo and took control of his empire becoming the new crimelord of Crowns Pointe.

Arachnus has an arachnoid torso that he built. It provides him with immense strength, it can help him scale walls and it holds a vast array of weaponry. As the crimelord of Crowns Pointe he has the finances to make whatever modifications he needs to his suit. He has also employed superpowered criminals as agents in his schemes – most prominently, the man known as Chromium is a close friend and advisor.

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