Dillon (Icons Writeup)

(created by Derrick Ferguson)dillon-2-2

Prowess 7
Coordination 7
Strength 6
Intellect 6
Awareness 6
Willpower 7

Stamina 13

*Regeneration 2
*Resistance (poisons) 3
*Immortality 1 (Limit: Slowed Aging only)
*Guns 4
*Knives 3
*Gadgets 3

Athletics (Master +3 bonus), Drive (Expert +2 bonus), Investigation (Expert +2 bonus), Leadership (Expert +2 bonus), Linguistics (Master +3 bonus), Martial Arts (Master +3 bonus), Medicine (+1 bonus), Mental Resistance (Expert +2 bonus), Pilot (Expert +2 bonus), Science (+1 bonus), Stealth (Expert +2 bonus), Technology (+1 bonus), Underwater Combat (+1 bonus), Weapons (Master +3 bonus), Wrestling (Expert +2 bonus)

Complete faith in his own abilities
A man needs a vacation every now and then
Loyal to his friends


For more on Dillon and all of his adventures, check out the official Dillon website.

Dillon first came to the attention of the world at large fifteen years ago.  That’s when he emerged seemingly out of nowhere, formally began hiring himself out as a soldier of fortune. He distinguished himself by displaying many of the remarkable talents and gifts that would soon make him a highly respected and feared figure in that secret world of mercenaries, spies, adventurers and extraordinary men and women that most of us are unaware even exists.  He has been identified as having a variety of aliases and disguises that he uses on occasions.  But ‘Dillon’ appears to be his actual, true name.  If it is his first or last is not known as it is the only one he’ll give you when you ask.

Despite the horrors he experienced as a boy, Dillon has grown into a man with a healthy taste for wild excitement and adventure, fueled by his curiosity and an overpowering desire to see that others do not suffer as he has suffered.  Due to his rigorous and unconventional training he is remarkably disciplined even though he gives the impression that he is anything but.  He has an eccentric, wicked sense of humor that he enjoys exercising on his enemies.

Dillon exhibits a wide narcissistic streak and it has been pointed out to him on more than one occasion that he has way too much confidence in his own abilities. In a lot of ways it can be said that Dillon is an adolescent who has never really grown up  And that probably accounts for his quirks of personality.  But there is no doubt that he has a high degree of belief in his abilities and what he can achieve with those abilities.  Maybe too much belief as he frequently gets himself into hopelessly perilous situations just to see if he can get out of it.

But it cannot be denied that at heart he is a fiercely courageous man with a tremendous sense of loyalty to his friends and a desire to see that the innocent are not abused or harmed.  Although it’s true he hires his body out for pay he just as frequently assists the disadvantaged and oppressed without seeking recompense.

Dillon’s method of payment isn’t limited to currency.  Many times he will assist someone and instead of money will secure their promise to render assistance to Dillon anytime he calls upon them. Or exchange classified and/or secret information.  He’s also been known to accept a ‘silent partnership’ if the person asking for his help owns a profitable business.

Dillon is quite wealthy and enjoys a lavish lifestyle.  When he left Shamballah he was given a bag of precious stones that he converted into currency while traveling through Tibet and Africa and used to open up accounts in different cities around the world.  In his initial adventures if he had the opportunity to acquire the funds of his enemies, he did so without a qualm.

While he spends most of his time traveling he does own various safe houses in locations spread across the United States and Europe and he appears to have two permanent residences.  One is a modernistic mansion located in the Pennsylvania town of Grand.  The other residence is a mansion located on top of a mesa in Colorado.

His age may be unknown but at least one person he is aware of has knowledge of where he was born.  The adventurer Brighteyes Dillinger when confronting Dillon during the events of DILLON AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN BELL stated that he knew Dillon was born on Usimi Dero.  From the little revealed about it so far, Usimi Dero was a technological island paradise destroyed by Thahali, She Who Wears The Dress Of Seven Sufferings when Dillon was 12 years old.  Apparently his father died there while Dillon and his mother escaped.  They spent an unspecified amount of time being chased by agents of Thahali who pursued them to Shamballah, hidden in the Himalayas.  Dillon’s mother died to ensure Dillon reached Shamballah safely where he was adopted by The Warmasters of Liguria, who had also trained his mother.

Dillon spent the next seven years being trained by The Warmasters in various martial arts as well as exceptional physical and mental disciplines that forged his body into a living weapon.  After those seven years, Dillon elected to leave Shamballah and return to the world.  He was warned by The Warmasters that he might never find his way back.  His mother was the first person in nearly five hundred years to find Shamballah twice, a feat considered to be miraculous.

Once back in the world, Dillon wandered, learning various skills that he thought would help him in his chosen profession. He also sought out notable adventurers in retirement for the purpose of them training him in their various specialties.  His intention being to earn his living as a professional adventurer while seeking out the trail of those who destroyed Usimi Dero.  It was during this period that Dillon met the man who eventually became his best friend, Elias Patrick Creed who himself had a long career as a professional adventurer.  Eli Creed took a liking to the young man and took him under his wing.  Eli taught Dillon how to fly aircraft and the two men partnered up and worked as a team for a number of years before Eli went into semi-retirement and Dillon went out on his own. A semi-retirement that apparently didn’t take because Eli drops what he’s doing whenever Dillon calls him for help. But due to recent events as related in “Dillon and The Devil’s Mercy” Eli is giving serious thought to grooming his son Idell to take his place as Dillon’s partner.

Dillon’s range of talents and skills are protean in variety.  He speaks eight languages fluently: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Swahili, Portuguese and Arabic and can get by in half a dozen others.  His physical skills border on the superhuman as he has displayed exceptional athleticism in feats of agility, speed and strength.  He’s capable of bench pressing 1000 pounds and can run a mile in just over minute.  His physical abilities are due in large part to his training in Shamballah.  But unknown even to Dillon himself,  his father injected his mother with various formulas of his own concoction while Dillon was still in the womb.

The experimental formulas gifted Dillon with a metabolism that does not build up fatigue poisons in his system as quickly as an average human giving Dillon far greater endurance. His cognitive and physical abilities also appear to have been enhanced, gifting him with increased energy, a vastly higher tolerance for pain and less need for sleep.  His senses and reflexes are significantly above average and while he is no scientist he has demonstrated an aptitude for various and diverse scientific disciplines such as biology which he studied under Nobel Prize winner Dr. Harold Wolper at the University of California and archaeology with Professor Sydney Fox at Trinity College.

Quite naturally he is expert with an amazing range of modern and ancient weapons, including but not limited to handguns, automatic weapons and bladed weapons.

One of his most interesting quirks is his ‘vacations.’  When Dillon wants to go on vacation he takes a regular job like an everyday citizen.  He’s taken jobs as a dishwasher, a roofer, a short-order cook, a car salesman and a high school custodian among many others.

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