Emily Grace

barry-reese-1Folks know that the Grace family have formed part of the heroic backbone of the Reese Unlimited Universe – we’ve seen Samantha Grace as part of Assistance Unlimited; Charity Grace has fought crime as Gravedigger; Eobard Grace has adventured on both Earth and The World of Shadows. There are others that have popped here and there, as well… and when I decided to tell a story set in the Sixties with Assistance Unlimited, I knew there would have to be at least one Grace on center stage. That turned out to be the daughter of the villainous Nemesis and our beloved Samantha.

The task of designing Emily fell to Chris Batista, a talented artist who not only delivered the covers to The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Five and Götterdämmerung  but he’s also done work on JLA, The Flashand Booster Gold. I’ve known Chris for awhile and trusted him to take my notes and come up with something special. And, boy, did he ever!

Broken Empire – Assistance Unlimited: The Silver Age is available now!

barry reese 3 b

barry reese 2

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