Updates from Barry Land

aidra_foxWelcome back, folks. Things have been busy around here – on a personal level, my mom recently fell ill and she’s been forced to move in with me so that I can help assist her with daily living. Given that we were all afraid that she was going to pass away just a few weeks ago, we’re glad to have her around. Even so, it’s led to some disruption on the homefront. Oh, and there’s some sort of pandemic which has led to me teaching all my classes from home!

But I did manage to finish the Lilith novel and it’s been sent off to Pro Se. Speaking of Pro Se, I completed a short story for their St. Germain project and I’m hopeful that it will meet with approval.

Plus, Broken Empire: Assistance Unlimited – The Silver Age has been released! That novel is set in 1964 and features several brand new characters as well as some shocking updates on our beloved Assistance Unlimited heroes. It has a spiffy cover by Steven Novak and interior art by comics legend Chris Batista. Sean Ali and all the usual gang at Pro Se have made it a lovely book to behold so please check it out.

Next up from me on the writing front is adding to the mummy-inspired anthology I’m putting together. This one will have a cover by Mike Hoffman and I think you’ll all be just as blown away by the art as I was when I first saw it.

The Icons writeups I’ve been posting have proven to be very, very popular. In fact, they get far more hits than the ones based around my professional writings. I find that humorous but maybe one of the rpg fans that drift through here will get curious and buy one of my books. Why not, right?



  1. If I weren’t so slow at reading prose, and and reading so many comics right now, I would start on the Silver Age tonight! I am about halfway done with “The Steel Ring” book one by RA Jones, and then I will jump over to AU! 🙂

    1. I really enjoy those novels in the Steel Ring universe. At one point I was asked to write a spinoff book for that universe and, in fact, I completed the entire novel before it was deemed that it didn’t really fit with the editor’s plans. So I have a book just taking up digital dust in my archives lol

      1. Oh, man! That is painful to even just know about! Dang! I hope they still paid you for all that time and effort! (Also, if I ever finish all those books, I would definitely be interested in your unpublished work, but I’m not sure how that would/should/could all play out). But yes, the first book is great so far!

      2. My book was set immediately after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and featured a set of Centaur characters that R.A. Jones wasn’t planning to use in the main series. The cast was given to me, along with part of the plot, but there was still a lot of leeway for me to go in my own direction.

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