Writing, Writing, Always Writing

writingSo I finished off the Lilith novel and shared it with Tommy Hancock last week. Now I’m working on a story for the St. Germain project. It’s going to be a short (no more than 10k) and I’m sitting at around 3,000 words right now. Once that’s done… I have a mummy collection of stories that I’d like to complete. I’m hoping to have 4-5 stories in the book. I’m considering it shopping it to somewhere besides Pro Se – I’m very associated with them but they also have a huge backlog of material, much of it mine. I might like to see this book in print a little earlier than it would be if it comes out through my usual channel. The Lilith book worked so well for me because while it was part of my Reese Unlimited Universe, it also felt very different. The mummy book is just an exercise in doing something I think is fun and can stand on its own. In some ways I feel that my creativity has returned and I’m interested in doing various different things that may not always fit the ‘pulp adventure’ definition.

On another topic, hope that you’re not minding the Icons writeups I’ve been posting lately, ’cause there’s more coming. It’s a fun system and I like statting up various heroes and villains. Eventually I’ll probably do some of my own original characters, too.

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