Red Guardian (Icons Writeup)

Red Guardianred_guardian

Prowess 5
Coordination 5
Strength 5
Intellect 4
Awareness 4
Willpower 4

Stamina 9

* Steel Shield (Damage Resistance 4; Extra: Ranged bashing damage if thrown)

Weapon (Shield, Expert, + 2 bonus), Athletics (+ 1 bonus), Military (Expert, + 2 bonus)

The Russian Captain America
Tool of the Government
Easily Replaceable

There have been several Red Guardians over the years, starting with Aleksey Lebedev, who fought for Mother Russia in World War II. Alexei Shostakov, the Black Widow’s husband, was the next recorded Guardian, battling the Avengers in an attempt to prove Soviet superiority over the decadent western powers. Since then we’ve seen Dr. Tania Belinsky, Josef Petkus, Krassno Granitsky, Anton (no last name given), and Nikolai Krylenko. The vast majority of the Red Guardians are not superpowered as the Russian attempts to duplicate the super-soldier serum kept resulting in madness. Most Red Guardians are soldiers drafted to serve as the nation’s chief propaganda-inspired hero.

The majority of Russians do not realize that the Guardian is a revolving door of soldiers and believe that, like Captain America, the heroic Red Guardian has protected his homeland since the 1940s.

Feel free to shake up the writeup as needed – some Red Guardians were pilots, some used energy swords, Alexei used a throwing disc (his belt buckle) instead of a shield, etc.


    1. Haha. I really liked the Josef Petkus version and wished he’d stayed on as the “permanent” version but Marvel’s writers like to kill off the Guardians, usually to show how tough some villain is.

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