Kicking Butt!

vanessa_hudgens_fightWork has kicked into overdrive on my newest novel, which has no working title at present. In Lazarus Gray Volume 11 I introduce a new character and she serves a supporting role in that book… but now I’m spinning her out into her own adventure. While she teamed up with Lazarus in the mid-1940s, this novel begins in 19th century England before time-jumping to the modern day. If you’re wondering how this character can pop up in so many different eras, you’ll have to stay tuned. I know, I know – at the rate Pro Se is rolling out my Lazarus novels, you might not get the answers to those questions for a decade or so (it’s been nearly three years since the Lazarus Gray v. 7 was released and I’ve written five more books in the series since then!).

Anyway, I’m really enjoying the opportunity to write something that doesn’t feature Gravedigger, Lazarus, or The Peregrine. I love all my old characters but it feels fresh to have someone whose history hasn’t been so well defined just yet.

Will this be a new series? I don’t know about that yet – let me finish this one book first!

Accompanying this post is a great image of actress Vanessa Hudgens.

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