Happy Holidays

IMG_17792019 has been a challenging year. My marriage of 23 years came to an end, I live alone for the for the first time in my life, I’ve discovered that my mental illness has a name (hello, Borderline Personality Disorder!), and I sold my intellectual properties to Pro Se.  There have been times when I thought my life was worthless and that the world would be better off without me… but there have been good things, too, and I wanted to try and remember a few of those:

  • I have a job that I really love. Yeah, there are days when it came be frustrating but overall I have the best of all worlds: I get to talk about reading and writing all day long! And I love my kids, even when they’re being difficult. They’re the best part of what I do.
  • My struggles this year have shown me that a lot of people are willing to reach out and offer help. I’m not really the kind of person to accept that help but still – it’s nice to know.
  • I have an incredible son. He’s sensitive and intelligent. I love him.
  • I reconnected with my best friend after several years apart and we’re back doing our podcast together. I’m very happy about that.
  • Lots of great television and movies! My ex didn’t really enjoy watching a lot of TV but I’ve had plenty of free time to discover that I love Veronica Mars, Slasher, You, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Disenchanted and so many more… and I’ve watched the entire Conjuring universe of movies and loved those.
  • Lazarus Gray – I continue to enjoy writing Lazarus and his companions. In books 11 and 12 I completely break him down and destroy everyone’s view of him… and now I’m going to try and put him back together again. I wonder if any of that is inspired by my own inner conflicts?

No matter what holiday you celebrate – have a wonderful time with family and friends. Let’s hope 2020 will be even better.


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