Life is Weird: The Mystery of Comic Sans

mellisaSo I’ve been progressing fairly slowly on the twelfth volume of the Lazarus Gray series but in the last couple of weeks I’ve seen a few articles about a surprising way of boosting writing productivity… and it involves switching to that dreaded comic sans font. People were swearing that it somehow boosted their writing output – being willing to try almost anything, I swapped my font over to this… and I’ll be damned if it hasn’t worked. For the past month or two I’d been only producing like a 1,000 words a week but this week I’ve already written close to 4,000! It’s ugly as sin to look at but damned if the words are flowing with increasing ease. Is it a true thing? Or is it a placebo effect where I’m told it’ll work and if it I believe it does…?

All I know is it’s working.

I’m a long ways off from finishing this book but I have given thought to what I want to do next. I have a couple of original characters that exist outside Reese Unlimited that I might take a crack at or maybe I’ll do something totally different from the pulp adventure stuff I’m known for. I’m not sure. Knowing me, I’ll probably jump into Lazarus Gray 13 but I’d really like to stretch my creative muscles and do something new. Time will tell, I suppose.

This post is accompanied by a photo of the lovely Mellisa Clarke

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