The Mysterious El Demonio

lg7_03_largeThe crime-lord known as El Demonio  rose to infamy south of the border, amassing a fortune through prostitution, drugs and protection rackets. His true name has yet to be revealed, nor do we know by what means he first came to power. He has teasingly claimed that the face under the mask was a famous one but he later played this off as a joke.

El Demonio infiltrated Sovereign City after becoming an agent of the so-called King in Yellow. He had a fear-inducing machine that he hoped to use to expand his operations throughout North and South America. This scheme brought him into conflict with Assistance Unlimited – particularly with Eun Jiwon, whose physical prowess caught Demonio’s attention. In the end, Demonio found himself allied with the immortal Princess Femi in an attempt to unleash the King in Yellow onto an unsuspecting world… but the entire affair was foiled when Femi was vanquished, Lazarus Gray defeated the King in Yellow in Dread Carcosa, and Demonio was beaten in hand-to-hand combat by Eun Jiwon.

El Demonio is currently incarcerated in Lazarus Gray’s super-prison, Tartarus.

This villain’s sole appearance thus far was in The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Seven, set in 1939.

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