The Perils of Being Prolific

lg4_frontispiece_smallSo I’m approaching the ten thousand word mark on the 12th volume of Lazarus Gray… and you guys have only seen the first seven books! I’ve heard some griping from a segment of my readers and I sympathize but Pro Se is a big publishing outfit and they have a lot more than just my books to schedule. I do think that you’ll see something new from Reese Unlimited soon, maybe this very month, but it won’t be Laz Gray Volume 8 — it should be Assistance Unlimited: The Silver Age, which takes some of our characters and updates them to 1964 for a spy-flavored adventure. Lazarus is a part of that book but he’s not the star.

For me as a writer, the weird thing is knowing all the things that happen in volumes 8-12 that nobody knows yet! In the timeline, for instance, you guys are back in 1939 while the book I’m currently writing is set in 1943! A lot happens in those four years.

Anyway, I ask you to be patient – not only will you see the Silver Age book very soon but hopefully you’ll see both Volume 8 *and* the Lazarus/Nightveil/Gravedigger book in the next few months. Fingers crossed!

Our art today is courtesy of George Sellas and features Lazarus Gray and Samantha Grace.

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