Happenings in Barryland…

IMG_1329So I’ve taken a small break from working on Lazarus Gray Volume 12 – it’s not feeling quite right. It’s not bad but it’s not clicking 100%, either. I started up another novel that’s more of a pure horror book and though I’m only about a thousand words into it, I like it. As it progresses, I might share some information about the plot – but it will feature an entirely new cast of characters and won’t be tied into the Reese Unlimited universe at all. It’s set in the modern day, too, something I haven’t really done much since RABBIT HEART.

Saw IT: Chapter Two yesterday and enjoyed it though not as much as the first film. The way the story is structured in this one kind of removes much of the “danger” that the characters are placed in. I won’t go into details for spoiler purposes but as soon as you know that each character has a mission to go on, you know that the next hour is basically following the same formula for each of them.

I want to thank all of you that have stuck with me over the years – both as a man and as a writer, I’m sometimes kind of hard to love. I’ve made terrible mistakes and disappointed people. All I can say is that I’m writing to write a new chapter both as an author and a human being and I hope you’ll remain with me as we see how it all turns out.



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