Rom-Spaceknight-Marvel-Comics-d-287x350That one word title (complete with exclamation point) was our introduction into the world of Rom Spaceknight. Issue # 1 was published with a cover date of December 1979 and the series, written by Bill Mantlo and initially pencilled by Sal Buscema, took a failed Hasbro action figure and transformed it into one of the most beloved Marvel Comic series of the Eighties.

Rom protected Earth for 75 issues and four annuals before finally heading off to enjoy retirement with his lady love. In the year 2000, Jim Starlin and Chris Batista revived many of the concepts in a Spaceknights miniseries but because of licensing issues, Rom himself was not named as such in the comics.

Rom returned to comic book life with a rebooted backstory in 2016’s Rom series from IDW. This book was actually pretty good but many fans missed the old Marvel connections. Rom01_cvrRI-A.jpg

I’ve always enjoyed Rom and thought he deserved closer inspection… which is why I’m proud to announce that my newest project is ROM SPACEPOD, a podcast dedicated to discussing every comic book appearance of our beloved Spaceknight. We’ll start with issue one of the Marvel series before covering all the rest of his  classic stories and when that’s over, we’ll move on to the Spaceknights miniseries and then we’ll check out IDW’s revival… and hopefully there will be plenty of material from to keep us going from there.

We’ll have guests on the show but much of the time it’ll just be me and (hopefully) you. Look for the first episode to drop soon – master graphic designer Sean Ali is currently cooking up a logo for the show!

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