Yeah, it’s time for an update

27858577_10155082550917181_8118617840494930262_nHello, one and all – work continues on the Liberty Guard novel. I’m over 28,000 words into it right now and have reached that point where I’m wondering why I started on it in the first place. It’s not a reflection of the work or subject matter — I do this around this mark on every novel I write. You get hungry for something different and the knowledge that you’re only halfway through makes it worse. I’ll keep pushing through it. Once I hit the 40k mark, it’s usually a sprint to the end.

Still waiting on Babylon to arrive from Pro Se…

Had a few ideas for Lazarus Gray Volume 11 but I refuse to work on it until Volume 8 is published. I’m not going to be four novels ahead!

Currently reading THE SAVAGE TALES OF SOLOMON KANE. The Puritan avenger has always been a character I liked but he’s no Conan. Still, I love these stories.

Been in a bit of a writing snit overall lately – no new reviews, no new books being published, feels like I’m sending these books out into the void. There are definitely days when I want to delete the blog and just vanish into the ether – not sure anybody would really miss me in what passes for the New Pulp scene. Is there even such a thing anymore?

Ah, well – I’m gonna go spend some more time with Solomon Kane. See you soon!

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