The Runs

This is a criminally underappreciated run. I really enjoyed it.

Nerds of Mass Distractions

By Archeologist X

A look at classic, obscure and weird and quirky comic book runs.

“Bob Harras’ Proto Bomber Jacket era” Avengers 334-344

Copyright 2018 Marvel

This was the very first portion of Bob Harras’ run which was eventually be interrupted by a few fill in issues and the 90s mega Avengers cross-over Operation: Galactic Storm before continuing…

Avengers 334 begins a six issue story arc, all written by Harras with Pencils by Andy Kubert and Inks by Tom Palmer. 335-339 are also written by Harras with Inks by Palmer, but Steve Epting starts his run as semi-regular penciler. The story starts with a strange crash on the blue area of the moon. Since this side of the moon is home to the Inhumans, they send a team to investigate, including Quicksilver. If you didn’t know, he’s married to the Inhuman princess, Crystal which makes them both liaisons between the…

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