New Pulp Recommendations: Terror Times Three by Lou Mougin

terrorTerror Times Three is a League of Champions novel published by Pro Se Productions, as part of their licensing deal with Heroic Comics. The League of Champions features the likes of Icestar, Flare and The Huntsman, all characters that have their origins in the roleplaying game world of the Champions line of games. I’ve played the game many times and remember when these characters and others appeared in the gaming books before their leap to comics. I’ve also read many of their comics and even wrote an adaptation of the early Liberty Girl stories for Pro Se.

This particular book features three stories, all set during the first President Bush’s time in office. I kind of liked having the book set in that time frame instead of the modern day. The first story features the team going up against the forces of DEMON, while the second is an in-depth look at their old enemy Makano while the third is similar to those day in the life issues that comics have between the big epics. Overall, Lou does a great job of making this feel like a comic book come to prose and I’d kinda like to see a whole series of these with subplots running through them.

Lou really shines on the Mekano story and he emphasizes what makes this character so different from the likes of Ultron. In fact, I found the scenes from Mekano’s point of view the best of the entire book.

This isn’t high literature and it’s not pretending to be. It’s just a good read with a bunch of superheroes doing super stuff. I recommend it if you’re looking for an enjoyable bit of escapist entertainment.

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