Announcing… The Liberty Guard!

TNT_Todd_004Back in the 1990s I was a big fan of a series called Protectors. It was written by R.A. Jones and revived a number of public domain heroes originally published by Centaur Comics. When that series ended, most of these characters returned to publishing limbo… until R.A. Jones revived them in a series of novels set in the Golden Age. The first of these, The Steel Ring, was a tour-de-force of superhero prose… and it was followed by The Twilight War and House of Souls, two more instant classics. I loved these books… and it was with no small amount of excitement that I accepted an offer to write a companion series set alongside R.A.’s incredible work with the Steel Ring.

I’ll be writing a series of novels that will appear in alternating years to the Steel Ring books – the first of which will be published in the fall of next year. I’ll also be using heroes originally featured in the Centaur publishing line and while my series will be self-contained, there will be inevitable “Easter eggs” that connects my work to R.A.’s.

This is what my editor Jeff Deischer posted today in announcing my association with the project: Some very exciting news! Barry Reese has agreed to write a new novel in RA Jones’ Steel Ring universe, tentatively titled The Liberty Guard. When RA told me he wanted to continue the series (it had started off a a one-shot), I pitched him a number of ideas. He’s reached the point in the series when Liberty Guard fits chronologically, AND coincidentally it meshes well with his plans for the Steel Ring. I knew he didn’t want to write Liberty Guard, focusing on his own series, so I asked Barry if he’d be interested, since he is a well respected pulp AND superhero writer. The plan is to release this next autumn. Updates as we progress. To be clear, this novel will stand separately from the Steel Ring — in the same universe but using different characters. Glad to have you aboard, Barry!

I’m looking forward to working alongside one of my favorite writers in R.A. Jones – and I’ve long been a fan of Jeff Deischer’s works so this is a nice opportunity to collaborate with him.

Look for more details – including a list of the character that will be appearing in LIBERTY GUARD – in the near future. You do get to see the team’s leader accompanying this post (that’s TNT TODD) so let that whet your appetite!

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