Some of my all-time favorite Batman stories are discussed here!


I’m breaking the rules a little here with the “Classic Run” format, but I feel in this case it’s alright to make an exception. The creative team of Denny O’Neil and Neil Adams has been mythologized in Batman lore as one of the greatest. They’ve been pointed to as the team that brought back to his darker roots after the Batman TV show came and went, and many people often say that the O’Neil/Adams run is the best interpretation of the bat. Like most Myths, however, they aren’t entirely true, though the part about this collaboration between the two being the ultimate take on the character is pretty valid.

Truth is after the 60’s show there was really a group of talent responsible for bringing Batman to his pulp past. Led by Editor Julius Swartz, Writers like Len Wein, Frank Robbins and Denny O’Neil along with artists such as Irv…

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