What’s Happening?

keanuHello, all. I’m currently over 18,000 words into the tenth volume of Lazarus Gray and this one is shaping up to be a doozy. A lot of new concepts are swirling around in these pages and I’m also bringing in Babylon (from THE SECOND BOOK OF BABYLON, due out soon from Pro Se Productions) so he can have his first encounter with Assistance Unlimited. Given that THE SECOND BOOK OF BABYLON is set in 2011 and the current Lazarus book is set in 1942, I’m writing the character a good 69 years before his “prior” appearance. It makes for a few headaches for ye olde author but it’s fun, too.

Pro Se recently announced that they had the rights to Skyman, The Face and Nature Boy, a trio of classic golden age superheroes. I’m planning to submit for all three anthologies, as I have ideas for all of them. Fingers crossed for me, please!

Excited about the Captain Marvel trailer that debuted yesterday. Looks very good – I’ve loved Carol Danvers since her Ms. Marvel days in the Seventies so I’m definitely going to be in the audience for this one.

Our image today is of the photogenic Keanu Reeves.

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