Raging Saviors

In One Ear...

After about a year or so of Comics Gate bullshit creators have started speaking up. Bill Sienkiewicz, Tom Taylor (more on that at a later date), Jeff Lemire and Howard Chaykin are among the voices.  This has had a rather disheartening result for the Comics Gate crew.


Comics and Diversity has lamented seeing these juggernauts of the industry “slit the Industry’s throat.”

First off, I am not going to go into the actual sales information stuff that tends to challenge their narrative.  Suffice to say, the death of comics is a longstanding doom and gloom that is older than Bill Sienkiewicz’s career.  And the myth of the politics and ideology free comics is just one more thing that damages their approach. It has also brought about… a rage…


One of the core beliefs that fuels Comics Gate is a notion of ownership.


They believe that creator’s jobs are to tell the…

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