Star Trek: Episodes with Impact

Planetary Defense Command


You are witnessing a first here at Planetary Defense Command.  Although I frequently blog about short stories and novels, and every once in a while about a film, this will be my first post about television.  To demonstrate how irrelevant I am in modern America, I’ve chosen to write about two episodes of a television show which aired in 1967.  I didn’t see Star Trek during its original airing, but I remember that when I watched the re-runs, “color TV” was still an important distinction.  The two episodes I’ll discuss here left a lasting impact, sticking in my memory through the decades.

The first episode is called “Mirror, Mirror” (I had to look this up).  Several members of the crew, including Captain Kirk, are transported to a parallel universe, where the Enterprise is populated by “evil” twins of the regular crew.  The Enterprise is on a mission to…

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