Gravedigger Carves Up a 5-Star Review!

IMG_2098ChickJ is back, having posted a review of the third Gravedigger book over at He gave this one 5 stars and this is what he had to say:

An excellent ending to this trilogy. I love seeing The Dark Gentleman showing up. This time there are lots of new ideas but the characters you love are evolving. A few surprises this time. To get the full impact you really need to read the whole series. It is worth reading, a must for all pulp lovers.

Thanks for the review! I remember you gave book 2 only 3 stars so I was pleased to see that you felt the final book was a satisfying completion to the series. I definitely wanted to push the characters forward since this would be the last time you would be seeing most of them. Glad it felt like I succeeded.

Our art today is one of the interior pieces from Gravedigger Volume Three – the artist is the incomparable Chris Batista.


  1. Hi Barry,

    This is note for you. I didn’t want to spoil a few things for other readers. I love the Dark Gentleman. (See my reviews about him.) Of course I didn’t like you killing him off but I ask Mark Reps, author of Sheriff Zeb Hanks series about killing one of my favorite characters. He replied that Elmore Leonard taught me the vital importance of getting rid of a great character when you write a long series. ( I consider your pulp universe a long series.) I understand why now.

    Maybe you could write one more book about the Dark Gentleman. One after his death. Did anyone know he died? Or did people think he just disappeared? What did his girlfriend do? His father thoughts? Did anyone from Assistance Unlimited miss him?

    I will close off for now, you will hear from me again when the next Lazarus Gray comes out.

    Keep writing and thanks for doing so,

    Chick Jabre

    1. There’s a brief mention of how Michael’s father has reacted to his death in Lazarus Gray Volume 8 but it’s really only a couple of lines. I might go back and do what you’re suggesting, to give a little bit more closure to his adventures.


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