Another Rave Review!

The new Gravedigger book continues to score positive reviews! FunTony47 posted the following on Amazon:

Thanks to the three year time limit imposed by The Voice, we find Charity and friends still kicking butt but also preparing for her judgement. Nope not gonna spoil the fun. Read it to find out how she did, redeeming her soul.

Once again we get lots of action as well as plenty of lopped off body parts. Kind of sad for me as I have really enjoyed this series.

Hoping Mr. Reese will let us peek in as Charity helps The Voice choose the next to hold down the Gravedigger identity. Maybe Charity can pop up in future books. He says to keep an eye open so I will.

Overall great book and a fitting conclusion to Gravedigger.

Thanks so much! I love Charity and I’m glad you liked the wrap-up. Will we see stories of other Gravediggers? Time will tell…

Our art today is by Will Meugniot and comes from Volume One.

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