A Plethora of Things

michael-fassbenderThings have been pretty busy lately – mostly with my “real” job. I’m in the process of taking several classes related to it and they’ve been seriously cutting into my writing time. Despite that, I’ve done a bit of work lately on two different projects – one of which is an idea from my old pal Jim Beard and the other is a superhero story featuring several characters that have appeared in my Reese Unlimited universe. Neither is very far along but I’ve tried to add a little bit here and there as time permits.

I recently finished reading King Kong vs. Tarzan by Will Murray. I’d give it 3 stars out of 5. First off, this is not written from a pulpy mindset so if you’re expecting a lot of action like in Will Murray’s Doc Savage novels, you’re in for a surprise. Tarzan is mentioned frequently but doesn’t physically appear until about page 262 (the story is 455 pages). Most of the book is centered around the travel over the ocean with Kong in the hold of the ship – ever wondered how the crew managed to keep Kong in line, keep him fed and deal with his bowel movements? This book will explain it all to you. Characterizations are solid but the story could have been twice as good if it had been half as long. I would recommend this to hardcore Kong fans or Tarzan completionists but not any others.

Something very cool will be coming your way in about a week’s time so hang in there. Ye Old Marketing Machine is about to go into overdrive. You have been warned!

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