Getting Lucky: Domino (Marvel, 2018)

Domino is my favorite series right now – I’d never really taken a shine to the character before but Gail Simone has made me a real fan. This article gives a great overview of the first two issues of her current series. Definitely check it out!

In One Ear...

Domino_Promo_ArtDomino , created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld as part of X-Force in the 90’s, Domino was a mercenary with the power to effect probability…or…more simply, she is really lucky. The only survivor of a government experiment, Neena Thurman has chalk white skin and a black oval tattooed on her left eye.

She has been a mainstay in the X-Universe.  Now she is in her own series, written by Comics Legend Gail Simone.

The first issue introduces us to her new team…Domino, the super strong Outlaw and Diamondback.

After a botched mission, the three return back to Domino’s place to find that there is a surprise Birthday Party for Domino.  It is a who’s who of peripheral X-Characters. And, personally, I will never, ever complain about an appearance by Dazzler.

Domino_DazzlerDomino_Issue_001But then her fun is interrupted by a strange old man and his Nurse.  The Nurse is revealed to…

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