Another Rave Review for Lazarus Gray!

José Rivera posted a 5-Star review of the seventh volume in the Lazarus Gray series. Let’s take a look at what he said:

Another amazing volume of Lazarus Gray comes out and as always, it’s an occasion to be celebrated. This time we get a novel-length adventure involving The King in Yellow, a terrifying villain with an unsettling influence on people. Even better, we get the return of Princess Femi, a character I’ve loved since the first volume. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Reese has included as many previous members of Assistance Unlimited as possible, each getting their moments to shine. It’s always good seeing Eidolon and Abby and given how their relationship is going, can’t wait to see where that goes.

With the way I’m describing this story, you’d think this was the finale of the series–It even seems like it with the final words. But thankfully it’s not. You come for the adventure, you stay for the characters and when its all said and done, you leave with a sense of hope knowing the people of Sovereign are in good hands and there’s more adventures down the line.

Also…the description of Carcosa is creepy as hell!

Thanks, Jose! I think that volume 7 was one of my best so I’m glad you agree. As for the ending, you never know what will happen in life so I try whenever possible to leave each volume in a position where if it ended up being the final book, readers would feel satisfied.

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