A New Lazarus Gray Review!

Ernest Russell gave the first Lazarus Gray volume a 5 Star review on Amazon. Here’s what he had to say:

Barry Reese has truly caught the spirit of the pulps of the 1930s. Adventure, weird tale and suspense- Lazarus Gray and Assistance Unlimited deliver it all. Barry does a wonderful job of providing a framework of classic good and evil to allow characters with a moral ambiguity to have pivotal roles in the story. The character of Lazarus Gray and his associates, along with his gallery of rogues, are a splendid amalgamation of known and less known pulp themes that pay homage to Dent, Howard, Lovecraft and more while creating something truly original. This isn’t just another Pulp story, this IS New Pulp.

Thanks so much, Ernest! I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope that you’ll continue to read the series. Volumes 8 & 9 are on the way!