Tolkien 101: Rereading The Hobbit

Every Day Should Be Tuesday

I’ve been trying to keep my paper library to a manageable size, but I’m afraid of the quality of the kindle versions for old books.  So I’ve been buying even more physical books.  At least the books back then, like the people, were a lot thinner.

I need to be careful about my library management though.  I briefly panicked that I had tossed my original copy of The Hobbit.  It has a horrid, horrid cover, probably the worst The Hobbit cover ever, and I bought a nice, leatherbound copy several months ago (both are pictured below).  But it was that ugly old paperback copy that my mom originally pressed on me that ignited my love of reading permanently, a love that has played no small part in all of this, as I alluded to in my announcement post.

This is my first time rereading The Hobbit in a long…

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