the_black_terrorWe just wrapped up Spring Break around here so we’re in the stretch run of the school year – summer’s gonna be super busy but I’m still looking forward to sunny days, warm weather and lots of family time.

Writing-wise, I’m over 20% through the writing of Lazarus Gray Volume 9. This one is off to a great start and I’m thinking it will be a novel-length tale, like volume 7 was. I’m tapping into some stuff from Norse mythology, which I haven’t dealt with very much outside of two sword & sorcery tales i wrote featuring Grimarr. It’s been fun so far.

Not sure when Gravedigger 3 will be out — hopefully it will be along soon.

Apparently Dynamite is going to be bringing back Project Superpowers – I’m looking forward to that. While the comics have been hit or miss in quality, I’m a big fan of many of those public domain heroes (look how often I’ve used The Black Terror… and expect to see a surprise face when the Assistance Unlimited: The Silver Age book comes out). Looking forward to seeing new adventures with them.

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