Sometimes You Just Need an Excuse to Get to Your Implausible Action

I haven’t read any of this series but after this post, I think I’m going to track one or two of them down!


I’m reading The Swordsman of Mars, my 5th planetary romance by Otis Adelbert Kline, and the 4th in his Dr. Morgan series. As with all of the Doc Morgan stories, we are briefly introduced to the concept of telepathic exchange of minds across space and time–a process which he discovered with the help of Lal Vak, a Martian scientist living a million years in Earth’s past, which allows for individuals with similar enough physiques and thought patterns are able to transfer personalities with the help of their devices.

Dr. Morgan finds bored or down on their luck highly capable individuals and sends them off to implausible adventures on alien worlds, with the promise of thrills and romance and assurances that they’ll probably do just fine once they get there and learn the language.

It’s a silly concept, one which Kline even lampshades in the author’s foreword of the second Dr…

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  1. Kline’s stuff is terrific fun. His Dr. Morgan books have all been pretty good, though the second was a bit less memorable.

    His best, though, was Maza of the Moon, in which a contest to see who could land a projectile fired from Earth onto the moon resulted in a lunar city being destroyed and one of the moon’s rulers declaring war on earth. The scientist who fired the missile goes to the moon himself to try to smooth things over but gets caught in a war between one faction led by an evil oriental despot and another led by a light-saber-wielding space princess.

    So far as I know, most of his books are available on Gutenberg Australia.

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