FF Reviews: Marvel Two-in-One # 3

mtio3My new favorite title continues to roll along – though this time we have a new artist for the ride. I was disappointed at first because I’ve been really digging Cheung’s work on the book but the art by Schiti was actually pretty good and by the end of the story, I was fine with the switch-up.

Ben and Johnny continue to hunt for Reed and the rest of the FF family… and Ben’s still lying to Johnny about what he does (and doesn’t) know. In this issue they work with Hercules to locate someone that can hopefully restore the Torch’s powers… and it just so happens that said person is the girl that Ben flirted with in issue one. A big coincidence but I’m fine with it. I really like this new character and I’m pleased that it seems she’s going to be around for awhile.

I wasn’t too thrilled with the portrayal of the Mad Thinker for most of the issue – he seemed like even more of a loser than usual… but the twist at the very end has me very, very intrigued. Kinda a new riff on the Frightful Four? Could be cool.

Hydro-Man! One of my favorite lame villains. He has a good showing here.

The revelation about how the Fantastic Four are linked together… I like that a lot. Can’t believe nobody’s done anything like that before.

Another stellar issue!

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