Götterdämmerung keeps getting rave reviews!

Jon M posted a review of Götterdämmerung over at Amazon and he gave the book 4 stars. Here’s his review:

This book serves as a good introduction to the Reese-verse, as it seems all of his superheroes and villains make an appearance in one shape or another. He has a lot of other books that go into each character in more detail for those who want to read more about one of the characters. On the other hand, for those who have been reading his works, this ties everything up and serves as the mega-crossover event you’ve been waiting for.

Reese’s writing is crisp, and his characters are fun silver-age style heroes. If you’re into prose versions of comic book supers, then you’ll enjoy this book.

Thanks, Jon. There’s no way I can deny the influence that comic books have had on my work so I definitely try to blend that with the pulp stories of the Thirties and Forties. Glad that you enjoyed the book and I definitely appreciate you taking the time to post your review.


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