RABBIT HEART goes under the knife!

rabbit_heart_newRay Bara posted a review of RABBIT HEART on Amazon.com and he gave it a solid 5 star rating! Here’s his full review:

A Different Type of Barry Reese Book But a Great Barry Reese Book Nonetheless!

I have read all of Barry Reese’s New Pulp series, including the Peregrine (who will always be the Rook in my heart), Lazarus Gray, and the Gravedigger. I finally got around to Rabbit Heart and I wish I had read it years ago. While it varied greatly from Reese’s series work, it still had his excellent writing and his New Pulp sensibilities. I enjoyed the change of pace. Rabbit Heart is more violent and sexy than Reese’s series, which he wrote well. I enjoyed the character of Fiona Chapman, an undead killer with a conscience. I liked his use of Ascott Keane, the apparently ageless occult investigator from the days of Pulp. I also liked Reese’s use of his hometown of Milledgeville and the local lore he included in the story. Rabbit Heart was action-packed, full of sex and violence, and loaded with great characters and plotting. That is, Rabbit Heart is everything one would want from a New Pulp book. Reese, as usual, hit the mark with another excellent story. Read it, read it, read it!

Thanks, Ray! Rabbit Heart was always meant to be a departure from my standard fare and I’m glad that people have seemed to enjoy it. I’ve had many readers say it’s actually their favorite work of mine!

I appreciate you taking the time to review it.

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