The Shadow Guest Review by Lucas Garrett

I agree with this review almost entirely. I, too, like the film more than I dislike it.

The Ferguson Theater


There’s an 80/20 love/hate relationship I have with this film

Overall, I love it even though I dislike Alec Baldwin

Let’s get the negative 20% out of the way.

1: Wasn’t a fan of Baldwin’s deadpan humor in the film (some of which I bet he adlibbed)

MSDSHAD EC015 THE SHADOW, Alec Baldwin, 1994, (c)Universal Pictures

2: Why did we have to see Baldwin’s face in the final battle between The Shadow and Shiwan Khan? At that point it became an Alec Baldwin movie instead of a Shadow movie. That bugs me.

Here goes the 80% positive of the film:

1: I loved the very dark backstory of this incarnation of The Shadow. I say this incarnation because we are watching the story about a Shadow. Not The Shadow of the pulps. This is Lamont Cranston, Warlord of China, possible drug and gun runner. Who is a king in his own domain…

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