A Short (But Sweet!) Liberty Girl Review

LibertyGirl_CoverMock-upProphecy Jones left another Amazon.com review of my work this month — this time looking at Liberty Girl, an adaptation that I wrote of the Heroic Comics series. Let’s see what he had to say:

A very good short adventure novel that is another solid outing from Barry Reese. Barry Reese does a great job mixing modern sensibilities with classic style adventure. Reese stands tall as a writer of new pulp adventure and superhero prose and this is another good outing for him. The adventurer Liberty Girl stands as a strong female character, and all supporting characters are drawn well above a perfunctory level. It’s a good, well thought out plot. Enjoyable short read.

Thanks, Prophecy! I had fun working on the book. Some of the plot was certainly not what I would have come up with on my own (I was adapting a comic book script and adding detail to it) but it was fun and I do really like the character.

Much appreciated.