Two New Nightveil Reviews!

image1Nightveil: The Quiet Girls was released back in October and has been slowly gaining steam as word of mouth has been extremely positive. The past week saw two new reviews go up on so let’s check them out, shall we?

First up is Lou Mougin. He gave it 5 stars and wrote the following:

Well, I enjoyed this one. Barry did a good job in humanizing Nightveil for her first novel appearance, plus giving us a decent supporting character and villain. Woulda liked him to get inside Nightveil’s head a bit more, but this is a good leadoff on ProSe’s AC Comics books.

Next up is Prophecy Jones. They gave the book 4 stars and this was their review:

Another good outing by Reese. The heroine, her sidekick, the villain, and his henchmen are all well done, a kick above standard issue, but it’s the appearances and enigma of the quiet girls that makes this book really worth reading. Who they are and their purpose to the plot make this one of the good ones…

Thanks to both of you! I had a lot of fun writing the story and I’m glad that both of you mentioned not only the supporting cast I created but specifically the ‘quiet girls’ themselves. Nightveil is a really fun character and I’m proud to have been involved with the project!


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