A Brief Update

spiritThe past few weeks have been rough ones so my writing has slowed considerably. I did finish off the fourth story that will run in the eighth volume of Lazarus Gray so there’s only one more to go – I’m currently sitting at around 50,000 words on the volume. This book will basically span the entire year of 1940 and leave us on the precipice of America’s entry into the war, which will occur (of course) in December of ’41.

We had a couple of days of snow this week which is very unusual – it was only an inch or two of accumulation but that was enough to shut down the schools and send people scrambling for milk and bread at the stores. Madness!

I’ve been reading Reveal, the latest Robbie Williams biography, and really enjoying it. I’ll jump back into pulpier reading material when I’m done with this but I’m not rushing it.

Hopefully I’ll be back with another update soon.

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