What’s Happening?

gravediggerSorry for the delay in posting lately. Real life has been kicking my behind and my writing has fallen by the wayside. I’m still past the 40,000 word mark on the 8th volume of Lazarus Gray and about 5,000 into a new project but it’s been really slow going. Hopefully things will improve on the wordcount front at some point.

Just finished reading The Midas Legacy, the 12th book in the Chase & Wilde series by Andy McDermott. It was a lot of fun, as usual, but at 600+ pages, it could have benefited from trimming about 150-200 pages. It’s definitely new pulp… but sometimes McDermott forgets that pulp should have momentum!

I believe the next book coming from Reese Unlimited will be The Adventures of Gravedigger Volume 3, which features the judgement of Charity’s Grace soul. I think it’s a really strong entry in the series and I believe that you guys will get a kick out of it.

Stay safe out there, guys!


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